4G Phones

4G Phones

Up to 10X faster than 3G

4G is an abbreviation for ‘Fourth Generation’ and refers to the fourth generation of cellphone network technology. 4G is in the process of succeeding 3G and allows cellphones and mobile broadband devices to connect to the internet quicker than ever before, closing the gap between broadband and mobile internet speeds. Indeed, statistics highlight that 4G can be between 4 and 10 times faster than the speed of today’s 3G internet. This makes 4G the perfect option for those who hate waiting for internet pages to load and waiting for online videos to buffer.

In the US, the Big Four (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) all use 4G. Verizon has the largest 4G LTE network in the US. However, T-Mobile’s 4G network offers the fastest speeds. This is due to the fact that T-Mobile has a smaller customer base, meaning that there are fewer devices accessing their network.

Unfortunately, 4G connectivity is not available everywhere in the US. As a result, most cellphone carriers offer prepaid plans and contracts which offer both 3G and 4G connectivity. This means that you are still able to access the internet, albeit slower, when your cellphone is unable to connect to a 4G network. However, carriers are continuing to improve and expand their 4G infrastructure.

In order to take advantage of this advance in cellphone technology, you will need to purchase a 4G phone. In addition, if you are planning on upgrading your cellphone soon, you might want to opt for a 4G phone anyway. Even if you do not currently have a 4G contract, opting for a 4G phone now is a great way to future-proof yourself.