AT&T Uverse

In 2006 AT&T unveiled U-Verse, and began a program of expansion, unrolling a fibre-optic network. Their expansion slowed to a stop in 2011 according to plan, but statistics seem to indicate that the expansion was not as trouble-free as it could have been, with cable companies making in-roads into AT&T’s potential customer base and stymying the growth somewhat. AT&T seems to be the most reasonably priced package, and they offer fixed terms discounts for new customers happy to be tied into 18 month or 2 year contracts. However AT&T is the newest member of the ‘triple-play’ companies and some customers have complained about the quality of the television pictures; it seems the further away their equipment is placed from the AT&T hub, the worse the experience can be. AT&Ts telephone part of the bundle is a VoIP product.

Plan Price Channels Networks Extras
U-Basic $19 p/m Local channels ABC, CBS, WGN.
U-Family $29 p/m 140 channels Animal Planet, Disney, Food Nation, Nickelodeon Total Home DVR
U200 $44 p/m 300 channels BBC America, Sundance Channel, TCM, WE Total Home DVR
U300 $59 p/m. 390 channels. Starz, Encore, Showtime, The Movie Channel. Larger Capacity Total Home DVR
U450 $91 p/m 470 channels HBO, Cinemax, Fox Sports, AXS.TV Larger Capacity Total Home DVR and HD Tech Fee