AT&T Mobility

AT&T has the best range of phones, although they were slow to embrace Android. If you travel and like to keep in contact AT&T have roaming agreements with 220 countries. Their customer service, which historically has a poor reputation, seems to be improving based on recent contact, replaced at the foot of the ratings by Comcast.
AT&T Wireless is the biggest wireless carrier in the US, with over 100 million subscribers. They have a huge range of different services and plans, with one to suit everyone’s individual needs, ranging from the standard contract plans, to specialist tariffs for the over 65s. Unique within the top four carriers, AT&T run a roll-over scheme where any unused minutes from one month can be rolled over to the next on a 12 month basis on most of their contract plans. Of course, they also have a range of different Pre-Paid and Pay As You Go tariffs. In addition to the wide range of tariffs AT&T have one of the best range on handsets available on their network, a network which has been slowly upgraded to 4G LTE in the major metropolises enabling even faster mobile broadband.

Individual Plans start from $39.99, Family Plans start from $59.99 and Senior Plans start from $29.99. If you would rather Prepaid or Pay As You Go there are tariffs range from 10ยข a minute to a $50 unlimited tariff.

Have a look at the table below to find out more about different plans.


Carrier Plan What You Get Price
Individual Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 2GB Data
Family 2 Lines Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 10GB Shared Data $130/mo.
Family 3 Lines Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 10GB Shared Data $145/mo.
Family 4 Lines Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 10GB Shared Data $160/mo.
Prepaid Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Data $50/mo.
Prepaid Unlimited Talk and Unlimited Text $2/day