Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of the Sprint Corporation and offers prepaid wireless in the USA using Sprint’s Nationwide 4G LTE network.

If you do not have a cellphone, Boost Mobile has a great selection of cellphones to choose from. Their selection ranges from cheap basic phones through to state-of-the-art cellphones from top-tier manufacturers such and Samsung and LG. in addition, Boost Mobile also sell certified pre-owned phones. These high-quality second-hand cellphones make the leading cellphones for more accessible to those with a smaller budget to work with.g
There are currently three types of monthly plans offered by Boost Mobile. All of their monthly plans offer unlimited talk and texts and between 1GB and 10GB data depending on the plan that you select. In addition, to monthly plans, Boost Mobile also have two types of Daily Plans for those who are looking for something temporary. Both of their Daily Plans offer unlimited talk, unlimited test and unlimited data. However, the $3 daily plan offers superior internet speeds to the $2 plan.

Boost Mobile also gives its customers the opportunity to upgrade their current cellphone plan with a number of additional services. Additional plans include international calls packages, cell phone insurance and mobile hotspot add on. This last service allows you to transform your phone into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to supply internet to other electronic devices.

Boost Mobile also has a number of unique offers which distinguish it from other wireless networks. For example, they have a Mobile Wallet application which allows individuals to make payments from their Boost Mobile or a personalized Visa prepaid card. Boost Mobile also have a referral program which will reward customers with $25 every time they refer a friend to Boost Mobile. Another great thing about Boost Mobile is their Mobile Buyback Program. This allows you to make some money when you buy a cellphone by selling your old handset back to them.

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Plan Name Text messages Minutes Data Cost
Data Boost Unlimited Unlimited 1GB $35/ Month
Data Boost Unlimited Unlimited 5GB $45/ Month
Data Boost Unlimited Unlimited 10GB $55/ Month
Daily Unlimited (Basic Phone) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $2/ Day
Daily Unlimited (Smartphone) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $3/ Day