Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s first smartphone

The Amazon Fire Phone is the first phone to be released from the retail giant. However, considering the success they have enjoyed with their Kindle tablet lineup, a smartphone was the next natural step for Amazon and the Fire OS.

With a 4.7-inch screen, the Amazon Fire Phone is the same size as the new iPhone 6. However, it has an ever so slightly lower resolution of 321ppi. Like the iPhone, on the top of the Amazon Fire Phone you will find a power button and a headphone jack. The left-hand side of the phone is home to the volume control and the special camera-Firefly button. The Fire Phone has glass panels and plastic edges, giving it a simple yet sophisticated appearance.

The Fire Phone has a number of helpful and unique features which make it one of the most innovative phones that we have seen this year. One of the Fire Phone’s quirkiest features is what Amazon dubs Dynamic Perspective. On the front of the phone there are a number of sensors which respond according to the way you and hold the phone. For example, when you tilt the phone whilst viewing a map, it will bring up the Yelp ratings for nearby businesses. In addition, Dynamic Perspective works in some games for a more immersive experience.

One of the most exciting features of the Fire Phone is Firefly. By pressing the dedicated button and using the camera, Firefly can pick up addresses and phone numbers from posters, magazines and other printed media. As well as recognizing visuals, the Firefly button can recognize audio, music TV and movies. It can then provide you with a link to the media in the Amazon store so you can get more information or download it.

Debuted on Amazon’s tablets, Mayday makes an appearance on the Fire Phone. Mayday is Amazon’s award-winning customer service application which at the push of a button connects you to an Amazon support representative via a live video feed. They can guide you through overcoming any difficulties or they can resolve it for you remotely.

On the back of the phone there is a powerful 13MP camera with a five-element lens which promises crisp images every time. Optical image stabilization prevents against blur and noise. On the front of the phone there is a front facing camera for selfies and video calls. In addition, both the main camera and the front-facing camera can be used to shoot video in stunning 1080p HD.

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