Headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, CenturyLink is a leading provider of digital TV, internet and telephone services. CenturyLink has plans designed for large and small businesses as well as residential properties. The company prides itself on its straight-forward, no nonsense approach to utility plans and affordable prices.

In addition to selling utilities separately, CenturyLink encourages customers to bundle up on services. This allows customers to consolidate their utilities into one bill and for a lower price. Not only do CenturyLink have cheap bundles displayed on their website, they also have a bundle builder that is simple to use and allows individuals to create a bundle that closely meets their needs.


CenturyLink have recently launched their 1GB fiber internet network which delivers internet speeds 40 times faster than standard internet speeds. However, this internet service is only available in selected cities in the US including: Orlando, Portland, Las Vegas, Denver and Seattle.

In addition to super speed fiber, CenturyLink has a range of internet speeds to choose from including: 10mbps, 20mbps, 40mbps and 100mbps. This great selection of internet speeds allows you to choose an internet package which closely matches your usage.

CenturyLink internet plans are available in three contract lengths: 1-year, 2-year and 5-year. The longer contract length you select, the lower your monthly bills will be.

While many internet providers only offer internet in conjunction with a phone line contract, this is not the case with CenturyLink. Indeed, it is possible to get just an internet plan.

Phone Line

CenturyLink have three main types of phone line plans to choose from. Their aptly named Basic Phone plan is the simplest phone line plan that the company offers. The Basic Phone plan includes unlimited local calling, making it a great choice for those looking for a simple and affordable phone line deal. Phone Plus is the company’s mid-range package and includes more calling features, unlimited local calling and long-distance calling on a pay-as-you-go basis. Unlimited Phone is the most comprehensive package offered by CenturyLink and includes unlimited national calls, unlimited local calls and access to 10 popular calling features.

Plan Name Locals Calls National Calls Additional Features
Basic Phone Unlimited No No
Phone Plus Unlimited PAYG Basis Yes
Unlimited Phone Unlimited Unlimited Yes


CenturyLink do not have their own television service, instead they offer DirecTV service through them. There are currently 5 types of television channel packages available: Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate and Premiere. All of these packages give customers access to at least 140 and channels and require a 24 month agreements. Many of the packages include free NFL Sunday tickets and access to premium channels for 3 months.

For more information on DirecTV’s latest deals, please visit our DirecTV page.

Plan Name Number of Channels Premium channels Free NFL Tickets Cost
Entertainment 140+ 3 Month Trial No $34.99/ Month
Choice 150+ 3 Month Trial Yes $39.99/ Month
Xtra 210+ 3 Month Trial Yes $44.99/ Month
Ultimate 225+ 3 Month Trial Yes $49.99/ Month
Entertainment 285+ Included Yes $99.99/ Month