Contract Plans

With mobile technology becoming ever more necessary in our lives choosing your cell phone provider and the right contract is more important than ever.

There are benefits to choosing a pay-as-you-go or monthly contract; and also benefits of selecting a fixed term – usually 2 years – contract.

A quick rundown of the top four performing cell providers:

AT&T has the best range of phones, although they were slow to embrace Android. If you travel and like to keep in contact AT&T have roaming agreements with 220 countries. Their customer service, which historically has a poor reputation, seems to be improving based on recent contact.

Sprint offers a unique ‘Framily’ package for which allows you to add up to 10 friends or family to a group contract. The more members you add, the cheaper your individual contracts will be! Their customer service, while improving, still lags behind the competition. They have a greater emphasis on data deals and are the first supplier to be investigating the new 4G data transfer protocol, reputed to run up to ten times faster than the current 3G. Sprint offers excellent packages, do be selective about what you include and enjoy their excellent network stability.

T-Mobile offers the best thought-out packages, offering something for everyone in various combinations of talk-text-data. They were the first on the Android bandwagon and have a wide range of phones to suit all tastes and pockets. The network coverage can be spotty, so do check your area will be able to get a signal; if it can enjoy the excellent customer service and carefully planned packages that T-Mobile can offer you.

Verizon has the most reliable network and have excellent customer service. They offer a wide range of phones and multimedia devices. Contracts are available is a variety of packages, voice only, or voice and text, with family lines available for about 60% of the contract cost. In addition, they have new Edge plans that allow you to update your phone once you have paid off 50% of the handset cost. Edge contracts are also $10 cheaper than regular contracts.

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