Cricket was established back in 1999 and focus solely on prepaid cell phones. Currently, they provide wireless service to more than 4.5 million customers in the United States and offer coverage for 98% of the US. In addition, Cricket offers extensive 4G coverage for those who want to benefit from Cricket’s super-fast browsing speeds. If you are uncertain whether you get Cricket wireless in your state, their website has a handy form where you enter you zip code to find out what coverage they provide in your area.

Cricket has a great selection of smartphones to choose from, including the latest releases from Apple and Samsung. There websites has a helpful comparison feature where you can compare the specifications several cellphones side-by-side which is perfect if you can’t decide between a handful of models!

In addition to an impressive lineup of smartphones, it is great to see that Cricket have a respectable gamut of budget-friendly smartphones. Including models from LG and ZTE, Cricket’s basic phones are the perfect choice for those who want a cheap and easy to use cellphone.

Cricket has a number of well-though-out cellphone plans to choose from: Talk and Text, Basic, Smart and Pro. Cricket is especially good for those who use a lot of data as their generous Pro offers users 10GB of data a month. One of the great things about Cricket is that they have no annual contracts, instead their plans work on a month basis.

They also have some special plans which are designed to help you save money on your wireless. If you already have a cellphone which you love, you can make some great savings by option for their ‘Bring Your Phone’ deals. In addition, you can save some money by adding multiple lines to your account. You can add up to 5 lines to your account which can allow you to enjoy a saving of $100!

Music lovers will be pleased to know that Cricket has a number of Muve Music Plans. Cricket’s Muve Music feature allows customers to download songs anywhere straight to their phone and they do not need to pay any extra fees. In addition, there are no limits on how many songs you can download, this really sets Muve Music Apart from any competing schemes offered by other providers. All Muve Music plans consist on unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited web and Muve Music.

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Provider Plan What You Get Price
$50 Smart Plan Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Data, Unlimited Texts and 2.5GB Full-Speed Data $50/mo.
$60 Smart Plan Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Data, Unlimited Texts and 5GB Full-Speed Data $60/mo.
$70 smart Plan Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Data, Unlimited Texts and 10GB Full-Speed Data $70/mo.