Google Fiber

Google Fiber

Google enters TV and broadband market

Google fiber is a relatively new service from Google which provides both cable television and super-fast internet to homes and business. Currently, Google Fiber is only available in a handful of locations, but Google is slowly expanding the reach of its broadband and television network.

Google fiber began as an experimental project set up in Kansas City. At the moment, google Fiber is currently available in the following cities: Austin, Provo and, of course, Kansas City. Google are currently in the process of bringing Google Fiber to a number of major cities including Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, Nashville and Atlanta. They have also identified a number of cities as potential fiber cities including Phoenix and San Antonio. If you want to find out whether you can get Google Fiber, there is a helpful form on the official site that can check your address for eligibility.

The main attraction of Google Fiber is its speed. With a download speed of a 1 gbps (that’s 1,000 mbps!), Google Fiber allows for instant downloads and television streaming without buffering.

Google offers both plans for residential premises and small businesses. For small businesses they offer high-speed internet with dedicated tech support. In addition, businesses can also opt for static IP addresses for an additional fee. Google has three residential plans: Gigabit + TV, Gigabit Internet and Basic Internet. The Basic Internet plan offers just affordable 5 mbps internet – no added perks. The Gigabit Internet plan offers 1,000 mbps internet and also gives users 1TB of cloud storage to take advantage of. Finally, Gigabit + TV is the most comprehensive plan that Google offers at the moment. In addition to Gigabit internet and 1TB cloud storage, this package also gives users access to a collection of 150+ channels and allows them to record up to 8 television shows at once.

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Plan Name Installation Fee Monthly Fee Download Speed Channels Cloud Storage
Basic Internet $300 $0 5 mbps n/a n/a
Gigabit Internet $300 or $0 if you commit to a 1-year contract $70 1,000 mbps n/a 1TB
Gigabit Internet + TV $300 or $0 if you commit to a 1-year contract $120 – $130 1,000 mbps 150+ 1TB