iPhone 5

Thinner, Lighter, Faster. Better.

The iPhone 5 is the 2013 iteration of Apple’s famous iPhone. Building on what came before, the iPhone 5 is a step forward in smartphones. Being thinner, lighter and faster than the previous iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 now has a bigger 4 inch screen, adding more screen real estate for watching movies and playing Angry Birds, which is backed up by improved graphics and the new custom A6 dual-core processor making everything run smoother than ever. Another step forward is the integration of 4G LTE wireless technology, allowing superfast mobile downloads. Despite the processor and graphics being twice as faster, and 4G being even faster, the battery life is better than the iPhone 4S, boasting up to 8 hours talk time or up to 10 hours of video playback. Even more amazingly, all of this comes in a package thinner and lighter than before. The new all aluminium body is just 7.6mm thin, and all together the iPhone 5 only weighs 112 grams. Thats 20% lighter, and 18% thinner.

All in all the new iPhone 5 is a magnificient piece of hardware, with some likening it to a well built Swiss watch.

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