2014’s most innovative design
The G3 model manufactured by LG is considered by many to the the flagship mobile phone offered by this provider in 2014. In fact, the G3 is seen to be comparable to even the most popular models including the Samsung S5 and the HTC One M8. What features have allowed this latest version to be so attractive and which benefits are so very valuable to the customer?

For ease of transport and handling, the overall dimensions and weight are important to consider. The width of the G3 is nearly identical to that of the HTC One M8 (just under seventy-five millimetres). Additionally, the G3 is slightly less than one hundred and fifty grammes; comparable to similar models produced by Samsung, HTC and Sony.

While handling is certainly critical, the visual experience to be enjoyed with this model is not to be missed. A screen of 5.5 inches is actually larger than the top competitors. This enables a more streamlined interaction and in the case of viewing videos or movies, the graphical benefits cannot be overlooked. In fact, the G3 offers one of the largest screens currently on the market.

Ergonomics are another aspect to take into account. LG has placed the power and volume controls on the rear of the phone. This is seen to be a slightly better design than brands that offer such buttons on the side or the front. As these controls are quite easy to reach, both left- and right-handed users will have no problem in terms of access. Unlike some phones, there is no direct control for the camera although it can be easily opened by holding the volume “down” button for a few seconds.

Like the LG G2, the G3 packs an impressive amount of memory and its performance is seen as comparable with other phones in its class. Two gigabytes of RAM are complimented by a Snapdragon 801 processor. The thirty-two gigabyte model offers an additional gigabyte of RAM although most analysts feel that this makes little overall difference in terms of performance. Additionally, a microSD card which supports a full one hundred and twenty-eight gigabytes solves memory problems that had often plagued the G2 design.

With a camera that offers thirteen megapixels of quality, the G3 is indeed seen as a great leap forward in the evolution of LG smartphones. Many feel that this latest model reflects the desire of LG to enter into the realm of high-end mobile connectivity.

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