Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia 1520

Nokia’s most powerful phablet

Many analysts feel that the Nokia 1520 is currently the best smartphone on the market that is equipped for the Windows 8 operating system. Offering the signature Lumia design that is observed with its predecessors such as the 920 and 1020 models, the 1520 takes such features to the next level. Due to a massive six-inch display screen, this variant is now defining what is known as the “phablet” class of smartphones. In other words, it is bridging the gap between the phone and the tablet. So what are some of the core features that allow the 1520 to stand out?

First, the ergonomics need to be mentioned. As it follows suit with the rest of the Lumia line, users can expect the same overall feel of the previous models. Moulded from a single sheet of high-impact plastic and with a screen that slightly protrudes, the 1520 boasts the classic Nokia appeal. Still, it should be noted that this size is accompanied by a relatively heavy feel. This may prove a slight problem to those who find themselves consistently out and about. The 1520 definitely requires two hands to operate efficiently.

As we should expect, the hardware and processing power contained within are quite impressive. The 1520 is equipped with thirty-two gigabytes of built-in memory and this can be augmented by an additional sixty-four gigabytes with the addition of a microSD card. All wireless amenities come equipped as standard. These include 4G LTE, 802.11ac WiFi, NTC and Bluetooth 4.0. An optional dock will also support remote charging. So, the functionality of the 1520 variant cannot be denied.

Although the camera is not to be missed, the real “spark” of this model lies within its screen. The LCD display supports no less than three hundred and sixty-seven pixels within each inch. So, it is ideal at viewing Microsoft Office documents and other graphical presentations (not to mention high-definition videos). The 1520 is also following a recent trend which enables users to interact with the screen while wearing gloves. This is a particular benefit on colder days for obvious reasons.

These are a few of the reasons as to why the 1520 is seen by many to represent the current flagship of Nokia phones. While it may be slightly difficult to fit into a pair of tight trousers, this model is perfectly suited for anyone seeking a robust, reliable and highly versatile phone which can be used for multiple purposes.

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Contract Unlimited Coming Soon!