Nokia Lumia 521

The Nokia Lumia 521 is the perfect device for those who are looking for a powerful Windows Smartphone without the premium price tag. Pricing is certainly the most attractive feature of this Windows Phone as Nokia claims that it is the cheapest Windows Phone to date and it is the first Windows Phone that can be bought without a contract.

The Nokia Lumia 521 has a clear 4-inch screen that boasts a respectable 800×480 pixel resolution and features the touchscreen sensitivity seen in Nokia‚Äôs high-end Windows Phone handsets. This means that you can still operate the Nokia Lumia 520 even if you are wearing gloves or long false nails!

For a budget smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 521 still has respectable photography capabilities. The device sports a decent 5MP camera complete with a number of digital camera lenses which allow you to take even better photographs. The Smart Shoot lens allows you take multiple pictures at the click of the button and merge and tweak them to create the perfect picture.

Like other Windows Phones, the Nokia Lumia 521 has a highly customizable home screen which consists of Live Tiles. Live Tiles allows you to assign a contact, application or even a live feed to a resizable tile on the home screen, making your cellphone even more personalized and easy to use. In addition, Live Tiles which are assigned to social media applications or news feeds regularly update themselves so you are always in the know.

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