Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

The power of the S4 in a compact design

As the name already suggests, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is simply a scaled-down version of the normal Galaxy S4. Still, it has been consistently rated as ranking amongst the top smartphones currently on the market. One of the reasons for such positive reviews arises from its agreeable price. With some retailers offering this model for as little as just over three hundred dollars, the S4 Mini is on par with rivals such as the Sony Xperia SP and the Nokia Lumia 820. It is also worth noting that this price is roughly the same as the Samsung S3; its predecessor and one of the most popular phones ever made.

While this variant is certainly scaled down from the nominal S4, we should observe that the term “mini” may be a bit unjustified. With a screen of 4.3 inches, the display is actually larger than the iPhone 5. Although the frame is indeed smaller than the S4, it is also deeper; thus accommodating for relatively equal processing power, battery life and other necessary hardware. The primary benefit is that the phone is easier to handle while viewing dimensions have hardly been compromised.

On par with the S4, the technical amenities are quite impressive. Although the screen functionality is not as varied, what the display may lack in “bells and whistles” is counteracted by crisp and clear images. This is largely due to the eight gigabytes of processing power contained within (an additional sixty-four gigabytes can be backed up with an external storage device). Of course, the advantages do not end here. The S4 Mini comes equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and infrared capabilities (it can also be used as a remote control).

Much like the standard S4, the battery life of the Mini is great for intense users and the overall “feel” of the phone is both streamlined and comfortable. In terms of camera resolution, it should be obvious that this model provides slightly less resolution than the S4 or the S3. Still, a 1.9 megapixel front camera and an eight megapixel rear aperture will allow the user to enjoy crisp photographs and video chat with little (if any) lag time.

In many ways, the S4 Mini is the phone of choice for those who are searching for a functional version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. When we combine an agreeable price tag with an impressive lineup of features, the Mini is at the top of the list.

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Contract Unlimited $49.99

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