Ting is a wireless network provider that provides wireless throughout the USA using Sprint’s extensive network. The main attraction of Ting is that they do not offer contracts. Instead, at the end of the month customers pay for what they have used. The final price is calculated by using a simple table of prices (shown below), allowing customers to work out beforehand exactly how much they will have to pay for their phone bill- no nasty surprises!

Ting is well-known throughout the US for its low rates. Indeed, Ting boasts that on average its customers are paying just $21 a month for their phone bill. In addition, if you’re already tied into a long contract, Ting will help buy you out of the contract in order to secure your custom.

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Amount Used Minutes Messages Data (MB)
>100 $3 $9 $18
101 – 500 $3 $5 $8
501 – 100 $3 $12 $19