Tracfone Deals

TracFone is a subsidiary of the Mexican Telecom Giant Mexican América Móvil and is currently the largest provider of prepaid wireless in the USA. They offer a range of phones from simple phones for just calling and sending text messages through to the latest smartphones from top manufacturers like LG, Samsung and Blackberry.

TracFone prides itself on its transparency. Indeed, the company offers contract-free wireless and promises that there are no hidden costs. TracFione is especially popular with those who have a bad credit rating a, unlike a number of wireless providers, TracFone do not run credit checks on their customers and customers do not need to own a credit card to apply for TracFone’s services.

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Provider Plan What You Get Price
50 Value Plan 50 Minutes $9.99/mo.

125 Value Plan 125 Minutes $19.99/mo.

Family Value Plan 50 Minutes
(40 Minutes for Each Extra Line)
($5.99/mo. for Each Extra Line)