Verizon FIOS

Verizon’s FiOS was the first ‘fibre to the home’ service offered by one of the big telephone companies and Verizon were praised for their innovation. Verizon began the service in 2005 and, like AT&T rolled out an expansion program. However some customers cannot receive service or cannot watch television due to contractual franchise agreements previously set in place. FiOS also offers an HD option with the HD FiOS set-top box being necessary for this. Verizon’s phone service is available as a regular phone system or as VoIP. The telephone service runs off the fibre-optic cable which means that in the event of a black-out the phone will be unusable. The VoIP service is currently available in 11 states.

Plan Price Channels Extras
Internet + Voice + TV $134.99 p/m 380+ channels Digital Voice Unlimited and 75/35mbps Internet
Internet + Voice + TV $79.99 p/m 145+ channels Digital Voice Unlimited and 50/25mbps Internet
Internet + TV $84.99 p/m 210+ channels 50/25mbps Internet
Internet + TV $75.99 p/m 145+ channels
Multi-Room DVR.
15/5mbps Internet