Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Founded in 2001, Virgin Mobile USA is a subsidiary of Sprint which offers nationwide prepaid wireless in the US. One of the most attractive features of Virgin Mobile’s wireless network is that it uses Sprint’s 4G network, allowing for superior browsing speeds on 4G compatible phones. As Sprint’s 4G network is not accessible everywhere, it is important that you check the availability in your area by entering your ZIP code into the coverage checker on the Virgin Mobile website.

Virgin Mobile only offers prepaid plans, making it the perfect network for those who want great value without being tied into a lengthy contract. The company offers two plan styles: Unlimited and payLo. Unlimited plans without data cost just $20 per month and plans with data cost $35 per month. In addition, there are two unlimited plans which also include international calls and minutes. The most comprehensive plan they have in this package costs $55 per months and provides unlimited national calls, unlimited data with 3GB of high-speed data, unlimited national and international texts and 100 international minutes.

As hinted by its name, payLo Virgin Mobile plans are cheap, simple contracts for those who don’t need an unlimited plan. These plans range from $20 to $40 per month and offer varying amounts of texts, minutes and data. The cheapest plan only includes 400 minutes, but you can pay for data and texts on an affordable pay-as-you-go basis.

In addition to offering great prepaid plans, Virgin Mobile also sells cellphones including models from Samsung, LG and HTC. Almost all of their phones are between $15 and $100, making them very affordable. To make your decision easier, Virgin Mobile also include customer reviews and ratings as well as technical specifications on their website.

Virgin Mobile also offers a number of additional services which distinguish them from other wireless networks. The buyback program gives customers store credit when they sell back their old cellphone to Virgin Mobile. In addition, there are data sharing plans available if you purchase your plan from selected Walmart stores. These special plans allow for great cost savings as they let you share a data allowance across multiple cellphones.

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Plan Name Text messages Minutes Data Cost
Wi-Fi Lovers Delight Unlimited 300 Wi-Fi Only $20/ Month
Unlimited Your Way Unlimited Unlimited or 300 minutes for more data Unlimited 2G + 250MB or 2.5GB Highspeed $35/ Month
Unlimited Everything + International Unlimited Unlimited (100 minutes international) Unlimited 2G + 1GB Highspeed $45/ Month
Unlimited Everything + International + Extra Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2G + 3GB Highspeed $130/ 3 Months
PayLo $20 15¢ per text 400 $1.50/MB $255/ 6 Months
PayLo $30 1500 1500 30MB $495/ 12 Months
PayLo $40 Unlimited Unlimited 50MB $495/ 12 Months