VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service

Short for Voice over IP, VoIP is a helpful technology which allows individuals to make calls over the internet as opposed to using a traditional phone line. This technology has a number of advantages which make it an attractive service for businesses.

Advantages of VoIP

As opposed to a traditional phone system, VoIP systems do not require as much hardware. This makes them a more economical option and an attractive technology for startups and small businesses that do not yet have the funds to invest in an expensive traditional PBX system. Less hardware also makes VoIP telephones a great space saving option.

Unlike traditional PBX systems, VoIP systems are very simple to install and look after.

VoIP systems are very scalable and it is simple to add new components when your business grows. Again, this feature is especially attractive to start-up businesses.

VoIP boasts unlimited calling to the US and Canada and many VoIP service companies offer free or very cheap calls to international numbers.

VoIP has a number of additional features which make it better suited for businesses. For example, FMFM (Find-Me-Follow-Me) is a helpful call routing feature which will route calls to alternative numbers after a set number of rings. Other useful features include hold music, out-of-office messages, click to call service on webpages and selective call forwarding.

VoIP allows for more flexible working arrangements as it enables personnel in different locations to be connected to the same system. This opens up opportunities for staff to work from home.

Potential Drawbacks

The major drawback of VoIP is that the quality of your call is only as good as the quality of your internet. As a result, it is vital that you invest in a fast and reliable internet connection.
Another drawback of VoIP telephones for businesses is that if the internet goes down, you will not be able to contact your customers or vice versa.

VoIP for Individuals

In addition to helping businesses cut costs, VoIP can also help individuals save money on calls and messaging. VoIP systems such as Skype use the internet to make free calls and video calls. In addition, it has an instant messaging service, allowing individuals to quickly exchange typed messages and send files.

These applications are very simple to install and register for. In addition they allow individuals to make VoIP calls and video calls on a range of devices including computers, tablets and smartphones.